A Call To His Goodness

Hello friends, thank you for reading my blog. This blog was started to share and discuss the word of God and testify to His goodness. I look forward to sharing with you!

For my first post, I thought I would set the tone with a few bold questions that I feel are important to ask ourselves as we learn to walk closer to Him.

1st, is Jesus our Savior or our Lord? Hopefully our answer is both. But if Jesus is not first in our life, He is not our Lord.

Are we truly encountering God in our daily walk? Or are we striving to live the “good” life? Or I could ask…are we seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness? Or are we seeking the pleasures of this world?

Has God given us an abundance to share with others? Or has our abundance become our God?

Has our religion called us to widows and orphans? Or is “religious” our title that makes us self-righteous! Lord forgive us for falling into anything that’s contrary to your word!

All through time, God has revealed Himself in many different ways, through His creation, through His people and in all things…through His Holy Spirit. “But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God”. 1 Corinthians 2:10.

The last few months, God has been shaking me like I’ve never been shaken before; revealing and confirming truths through His word and a recent series of dreams that are relevant to our times. I’ve been praying for more of Him and He has obliged! God is moving not just in me (I’m not that arrogant), He is moving in His people all over the world in the greatest time to hear His call!

A few weeks back, I had a dream that started very dark. Then all of a sudden…the darkness was overtaken by a great light. I honestly can’t recall any word picture but only one word; God is calling the church to repentance. This word is for all of us in the church – especially Pastors! We have Pastors/Authors and Church Leaders that actually believe sin is not a topic that should be preached or taught in this sub culture we call modern Christianity. This feel good message will never deal with sin! The prosperity gospel is preached all around the world through social media, television and millions of books that make people feel really good about themselves – and the man or women god who’s delivering the message! Here’s the truth, real change and or deliverance in ones life will never come without recognition of ones depravity and finally a call to repentance! God is really working on me in areas of my life that need to be removed; the first step to repentance is recognizing there is a sin problem in my life! John the Baptist would have a field day in modern day Christianity!

Help us Lord when we are complacent and not wanting to hurt feelings so that it doesn’t affect our attendance, offering box or keep us from adding on to our comfort zones. It is time to WAKE UP church! It’s time to quit using the excuse…”it’s not our/my ministry”. There at least 4.5 Billion people on this planet that don’t know Christ, many WE cross paths with every day. There are thousands of people dying every day of starvation, water born illnesses and preventable diseases. Lord forgive us!

In my opinion, one of the most obvious sins in the church today, is how we continue to turn a blind eye to those in need. Jesus makes it very clear in Matthew 25 that the “least of these” are much more important than our own earthly possessions. People are hurting all around us and somehow we have become numb to this reality. Now, please don’t hear me wrong. The least of these are not just in 3rd world countries and the destitute living on the streets of America; no they also work in banks, courthouses and coffee shops as well. The reality is this – anyone who doesn’t know Jesus is “Homeless”! God puts value on every life and “not wanting anyone to perish” (2Peter 3:9). All through the scriptures He reveals His value and love for all mankind. His desire is that we will learn how to “love others as He has loved us” (John 13:34).

If the lost, hurting and poor are a priority in your life…Hallelujah! There are so many in the Kingdom who give their love to the hurting! If not, do yourself a big favor and take the time to open your bible, pray and then read how many times God identifies who we are by how we treat “the least of these”. I pray you will be touched with His goodness like never before! *Thank you to those who have heard the call of God and are making a difference for His kingdom. This message is to millions of those who are called to the same gospel but are wrestling with its truth!

We MUST decrease so He can increase! John 3:30

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